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Manage My Enterprise#Enterprise
Enterprise | Manage Workflow Templates#Enterprise #Workflow
Editing Home Pages#Enterprise
Edit Home Page Links List#Enterprise Before adding links to your Home Page, remember that user role based access rules do not apply to links added to the home page.
Database Backups, Data Imports and ExportsThis article reviews available features or services for backing up, importing and/or exporting data in ETO.
Add New Site#Enterprise
Add Legal Use Statement to Enterprise#Enterprise
Enterprise Participants | Duplicate Participants#Enterprise Enterprise Participants is a feature to determine the unique and unduplicated count of all Participants across the enterprise.
Enterprise Participants | Sync Participant Demographics#Enterprise
Duplicate Participants | Enterprise Participant Automatic Link#Enterprise
Restrict User Access to Single Participant Record
Enterprise Enroll: Search Settings#Enterprise This article explains the Search Settings for Enterprise Enroll. This feature is only applicable for Enterprise Managers.
Add-On | Add Context Bar for Users
Add-Ons | ETO Sandbox
Sandbox | Log In and Manage AccountsSandbox logins and user accounts.
Federated SSO | Overview & How-ToHow to manage Single Sign-On in ETO #SSO #SingleSignOn #Login
ETO Engage SetupUse these steps to double check that your ETO Engage configuration is set up correctly.
TouchPoint Security for ETO Engage
ETO Engage Terms of Service
FAQs | SQL Database ExportsThis living document provides answers for common questions regarding recurring and one-time ETO database exports.
FAQs | SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)SFTP is an added feature utilized by ETO customers to transfer data to ETO. This article gives an overview of setting up SFTP.

Unable to create SSO Login: Email not unique
Copy Site or Program in ETOTransfer data or copy configuration across programs or sites in ETO
FAQs | Federated SSOFirst time SSO user in ETO? Seasoned SSO veteran? This article will compile a list of common questions related to Single Sign On in ETO.
Add New Staff | Site Administration#Site Administration #Add User #Add New Users
User Roles in ETODescription of ETO User Roles and their capabilities, functionalities, and information on best practices.
Manage Release of Information Security#Enterprise Please speak to your account manager if you are interested in this feature.
Manage User Accounts | Re-enable User#Enterprise
Back Up/Restore ETO Configuration#Enterprise
Applying Site Navigation Templates#Enterprise
Manage My Site#Enterprise
Change Idle Timeout Interval#Enterprise
Change Default Program when Logging In#Enterprise change login landing page
Add or Remove Participant Fly-Out Menu Links | Quick Search#Enterprise | Quick Search
Manage Feeder Tables#Enterprise An overview of the Manage Feeder Tables functionality.
Manage Sites#Enterprise
Disable a Site#Enterprise
Manage Site Navigation#Enterprise
Manage Site Navigation | Additional Features#Enterprise
Manage Site Navigation | Custom Rules#Enterprise Create and manage custom or CxRules for Site Navigation features.
Who Is OnWhoIsOn or Who Is On #Enterprise
Manage User Accounts#Enterprise
Manage User Accounts | Disable User#EndUser
Merge User AccountsMerging two emails that exist in two unique Enterprises to one email that has access to both Enterprises.
Multi-Factor Authentication Settings#Enterprise
Batch Upload Attachments | Setting up your SFTP clientBasic instructions on setting up your SFTP client for use with ETO's Batch Upload Attachments feature.
Question Bank | Add and Edit Questions#Forms
Add Logo to View TouchPoint Print Page#Forms Touchpoints
Edit Existing Forms (TouchPoint, Referral, Collection Type, Approval)#Forms Edit TouchPoint, settings, Collection types, Referrals, Approvals