Epoch Date

Our most recommended date formatting is Epoch Date formatting.

In a date field, you can enter the date in the following format: "\/Date(epoch date)\/"

For example in a Touchpoint Update POST:

"ResponseCreatedDate": "\/Date(1571411927090)\/",
"ResponseCreatedDateAsString": "10/21/2019",
"ProgramID": 100,
"DraftSavedOn": "\/Date(1571411927090)\/",

The following button will take you to an Epoch converter to convert your dates: 

JSON Formatting

You may see JSON formatting for dates within the Swagger API platform 

The JSON dates look like this:

ResponseCreatedDate”: “2019-10-22T13:47:05.492Z”

Although the Swagger API page produces some dates like this, within your own uploads/POST it its recommended to use EPOCH as a better ETO conversion.

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