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ETO Connect | Add and Publish Intake Form
ETO Connect | Add and Publish Intake Form

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When creating an intake form in ETO Connect, the first step will be to determine which site and program in your enterprise the participant records will be created in.

Identify a program in your ETO where these individuals will be enrolled as participants.

Intake Forms are used to enter new participants into ETO. It mirrors the behavior of "Add New Participant" and relies on duplicate check settings to determine if a Participant may already exist in ETO. Configure your duplicate check settings to best serve your Site's needs. To learn more, visit the Duplicate Check Settings page.

From the Navigation Bar, Connect > Connect.

Step 1: On the left side panel, click Intake Forms.

Step 2: Click Add Form

Step 3: Name the form (if multiple Intake Forms will be created, name them strategically so they can be identified easily)

Form Name-  This is the name of the form as it will appear on the Administrator's view. Participants will not see this name.

Title- The form name that participants will see when they access the link.

Description/Instructions- you can provide a description of the form and/or instructions for participants as they fill it out.

Security-  additional security can be provided by requiring a CAPTCHA to complete the form

Step 4: Determine what ETO demographics to include on the intake form. There will be a list of standard and enterprise level demographics. You can choose which demographics to include on the intake form. There is a separate check box to make the demographic required. Any demographics that are required in ETO are required on the intake form to ensure consistent data quality.

These demographics can be reordered regardless of their order in ETO by clicking the up and down arrows to the left of the demographic name.

Step 5: Include TouchPoint elements (optional). Touchpoint elements may become part of the intake form. Entering data into these elements via intake forms will create a TouchPoint response for the participant in ETO. 

Step 6: Select which TouchPoint fields you would like to include on the intake form by checking the Include box to the right of the element type. Questions that are required on the TouchPoint form will also be included and required on the intake form. 

Please check out "TouchPoint in Connect" to see our best practices for building TouchPoints for ETO Connect.

Step 7: Preview the Form and Save!

Publish the Form

Step 1: From the intake form page, click the publish icon.

Step 2: A page will pop up to confirm that you would like to publish the form with the URL that will be distributed to participants. Click the Publish button to publish the form.

Once the form is published, distribute the URL to potential participants. Through the URL, they can fill out the demographic and TouchPoint information, and that information will be captured in ETO.

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