This option will allow you to either insert or update Participants via Batch Upload and does not require you to enter demographics that would normally be required in the software. This is a legacy feature that should be used sparingly in favor of the new Participant Batch Upload.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click on "Site Administration". Then select "Batch Upload".

Step 2 – Under the "Generate Template" heading, select "Participant (required demographics not required)" from the drop-down menu and then click the "Generate Template" button.

Step 3 – A prompt will appear. Select "Open" to open the spreadsheet template.

Step 4 – Insert your data into the template and save the spreadsheet.

Some Notes On the User Batch Upload Template

  • Before uploading, delete the instructions and notes on the spreadsheet.

  • A spreadsheet will open with columns based on the fields that are required for a Legacy Participant Batch Upload:

  • Site Name - The name of the Site you want to enroll the Participant into. Required.

  • Program Name - The name of the Program you want to enroll the Participant into. Required.

  • First Name – The first name of the Participant. Required.

  • Last Name – The last name of the Participant. Required.

  • Start Date – The day of enrollment into the Site/Program.

  • Record Action – Either update or insert. Required.

  • Duplicate check settings – The demographics you have set to check for duplicates in the system. Required.

  • You can add additional demographics to the columns following the Record Action column.

  • The file being uploaded may be saved at any time; be careful to remember where it is saved.

  • The file can be renamed based on the User's preference.

  • Valid file types for use with the Batch Upload feature are .csv and .xlsx.

  • Note that if the .csv is the selected file type, commas cannot be included in the file (use find/replace to eliminate commas).

Step 5 – Under the "Upload File" heading, select "Participant (required demographics not required)" from the drop-down menu. Then click the "Select file" button.

Step 6 – Find the file you wish to upload from your computer and click the Open button. Once it is ready, it will display "Done" with a green check mark. Click the "Begin Upload" button.

Step 7 – Check the box if you want to "Update Dismissed Participants" then click the "Continue" button.

Errors – If there is an error in your spreadsheet, the upload will not be successful. You will get the following error message (the red text will vary). Click the "OK" button, then go back to your spreadsheet, correct the errors, and upload the file again.

You will see the failed Batch Upload under the "Error" tab on the Batch Upload page.

Success – If your file is successfully uploaded, you will see the information under the "Complete" tab at the bottom of the Batch Upload page. The upload type will be "LegacyParticipant".

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