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Uploading data to ETO using the Batch Upload feature.

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We recommend always starting a Batch Upload with the following tips.

  1. Check Securities. Is this an action you can take in ETO? Do you have proper securities to allow you to record/edit/update TouchPoint or Participants?

  2. Start Fresh. Download a fresh template for Batch Uploads. Copy and Paste data without formatting,

  3. Double Check Data. Complete all required fields, duplicate check information, make sure dates are accurate, double check data

  4. Test. Upload 1-2 rows of test data to ensure a proper upload

  5. Upload. We do not recommend uploading over 600 rows at once. Larger files may take longer to process.

Batch Upload Walkthroughs:

Participants and Families

Entities and Users

Forms: TouchPoints, Referrals, Collections

Legacy (Legacy Uploads and Data)

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