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This option allows the upload of Participant Assessment data. Assessment data must be in a CSV (comma-separated values) file format. If any commas are contained in the file, use Find/Replace to substitute commas with blank spaces.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click on "Site Administration". Then select "Batch Upload".

Step 2 – Under the "Generate Template" heading, select "Participant Assessment" from the drop-down menu and then click the "Generate Template" button.

Step 3 – A prompt will appear. Select "Open" to open the spreadsheet template.

Step 4 – Insert your data into the template and save the spreadsheet.

User Batch Upload Template

  • Be sure to delete the sample information and the instructions listed on the spreadsheet.

  • A spreadsheet will open with columns based on the fields that are required for a User Batch Upload:

  • Batch Upload Action- "Update" an existing response or "Insert" a new one. This field is required.

  • FirstName, LastName - These fields are used to collect demographic information on the Participant. These are required fields.

  • Duplicate Check Demographics - These demographics  are set for duplicate check and are required. SSN is the default, but if this is not a duplicate check setting, be sure to replace it with one that is. Add in these demographics as columns preceded with #.

  • Assessment Name - The name of the assessment being taken. Required.

  • Date - The date attributed to the responses. Required.

  • Assessment Identifier - The response identifier when Updating an assessment.

  • Assessment Elements - Replace each of these column headers with the assessment elements/questions for the assessment. If you have more elements/questions than "Assessment Element #" column names, simply add the element/question as a new column to the right of the last column.

  • Participant Assessment Non-Exclusive Choice element responses should be entered as ";" separated lists (e.g. Dog;Cat;Horse;Fish).

  • The file being uploaded may be saved at any time; be careful to remember where it is saved.

  • The file can be renamed based on the user's preference.

  • The valid file type for use with this Batch Upload feature is .csv.

  • Note that if the .csv is the selected file type, commas cannot be included in the file (use find/replace to eliminate commas).

Step 5 – Under the Upload File heading, select Participant Assessment from the drop-down. Then click the Select file button.

Step 6 – Find the file you wish to upload from your computer and click the Open button. Once it is ready, it will display "Done" with a green check mark. Click the Begin Upload button.

Step 7 – You will be asked if you would like to select two settings for updating data. If you would like, check of one, both, or neither box then click the Continue button.

  • Include Assessment Identifier as part of matching criteria when updating existing Assessments during Batch Upload (Options).

  • Update only the elements in the assessment included in the file. Values for elements that are not in the file will be untouched. Elements that are blank in the file that are not blank in the original response will be untouched. If this box is not checked, values for elements that are not listing in the file will be erased and elements that have blank values in the file will be erased.

Errors – If there is an error in your spreadsheet, the upload will not be successful. You will get the following error message (the red text will vary). Click the OK button, then go back to your spreadsheet, correct the errors, and upload the file again.

You will see the failed Batch Upload under the Error tab on the Batch Upload page.

Success – If your file is successfully uploaded, you will see the information under the Complete tab at the bottom of the Batch Upload page. The upload type will be Legacy Participant Assessment.

If you click on the File Name, you will see the log details for the upload.

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