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What can ETO Connect do for my users and administrators? #Connect #EndUser #ParticipantLogin

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Note: If your agency has network restrictions (or you are on a company VPN), your Connect URL will likely need to be added to an Allow List for proper data syncing between ETO and Connect. The Connect URL can be found by Retracting (unpublishing) any of your Intake forms within Connect. The format will be something like

Participants will be able to complete the following tasks in ETO Connect:

  • Log in to ETO Connect (after being granted access) and view a dashboard summarizing their options.

  • See messages sent by the ETO Connect administrators

  • See the Programs in which they are enrolled, and the TouchPoints they can complete online

  • See a list of their TouchPoint responses, including those they completed and those completed by staff

  • Open and review those TouchPoint responses

  • Click to take another response to the same TouchPoint

  • Manage their ETO Connect account (change email and/or password)

  • Confirm and make updates to demographic information, ex: address, cell phone, last name, pronouns

Administrators can:

  • Create Custom Intake forms that will create Participants in ETO.

  • Specify which Demographics and TouchPoint elements are included in each Intake form. 

  • Distribute links to potential participants so that they can complete Intake forms, which will create Participant records in ETO.

Note: When ETO Connect was introduced, there was a limit of 500 potential Participants registered per enterprise; that limit has since been removed.

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Alerts cannot be triggered from actions taken in Connect. We suggest running scheduled reports or creating passive workflows to trigger when participant actions are completed through Connect.

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