Copy Site or Program in ETO

Transfer data or copy configuration across programs or sites in ETO

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Can a program or Site be copied/duplicated?

The short answer is no, a program or site cannot be copied. However, there are ways to transfer data between two programs or sites.

In this article, we will discuss the best methods for copying configuration to a new program and moving data to the new program.

Copying data from an old program and uploading it to a new program is technically possible, but requires detailed knowledge on extracting data with Results, uploading TouchPoint, Demographic, and Program Enrollment data with Batch Upload, and deleting data with Delete Fakes. It is not a process we recommend. We recommend referring or enrolling participants to new programs and closing or disabling the old programs.

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Enterprise Administrators may choose to follow the below steps to perform these actions:

Optional: If new program is in a new site. Build a new Site (if using a new site)

  1. Build a new Program

  2. Enable any TouchPoint security to ensure TouchPoint responses are accessible in the new program.

    1. TouchPoints will be visible if Share Responses Across Site and/or Share Responses Across Enterprise is on and View permissions are properly set. Responses shared across enterprise will be visible, but not editable, between Sites.

    2. Parent/Child TouchPoints are Program specific. Parent responses will need to be moved or taken a new in the new program. Responses within the same site can be edited and saved in to new programs.

  3. Visit Manage Demographics in the original Site/Program.

    1. Determine if any demographics are program or site specific, scope them up if needed. This will ensure your new program can access these demographics.

    2. Use Program Groups to set Program specific scopes to demographics.

  4. Compare Manage Program settings between the original and new Programs.

    1. Optional: If new program is in a new site. Compare Manage My Site and Manage Site securities between different Sites.

    2. Optional: If new program is in a new site. Compare Site Navigation settings between the new and original Site to determine if updates are needed.

  5. Run the Standard User Account Details report. Update staff security to ensure staff have access to the new program.

  6. Other data that may need to be adjusted:

    1. Updating Feeder Tables scopes to include the new program.

    2. Updating Dashboard Message security to include the new program.

    3. Updating Dashboard Template security to include the new program.

    4. Updating Referral Form security to include the new program.

    5. Update any Caseload assignments in the new program.

    6. Update Collection Type security and build new collections in the new program.

    7. Updating custom reports to include the new Program or Site name in prompt names.

    8. Disable the previous Programs or Sites (if needed.)

Optional: Refer or Enroll participants to the new program. This can be skipped if you are looking to only copy the program configuration to the new program.

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