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A User Account is required to access ETO. One way to add a User Account is through the Add New Staff feature detailed in this article.

Adding a New User

Step 1 – Select "Site Administration" on the Navigation Bar.

Step 2 – Select "Add New Staff".

This will bring you to the "Add User" page.

Step 3 – Fill out the new User's information.

The following fields, marked by a red asterisk, are required:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Username/Email

  • Role: "Assign the user a role that they will use when accessing ETO. This will restrict access to certain parts of ETO based on what level of authorization each role has been given."

  • Reporting Role: "Determines if the user will see data across all sites by running checks for access to sites and/or programs before displaying the data. It only applies to ETO Results (does not apply to Query Wizard, Standard Crystal reports, nor restricts data from universes created in query wizard)."

  • Password: "Set the temporary password for the staff member to use when they first log into ETO. They will be required to reset it after the initial log in."

  • Cell Phone

Step 4 – If the addition was a success, then the new User will need to login with their full email address, enter the temporary password created for them, and reset their password.

You may also access the Add User Page by following our article on Manage User Accounts.

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