TouchPoint Security for ETO Engage
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  1. Using the Navigation Bar, open Site Administration.

  2. Open Manage TouchPoints.

  3. Find the TouchPoint called ETO Engage Effort TouchPoint.

  4. Click the security link in the Take Action column. (If the ETO Engage Effort TouchPoint does not appear, contact Customer Support.)

  5. Select the subject type from the drop-down that you would like to work with in ETO Engage.

  6. Under Add/View/Edit/Delete Own Responses and Add Responses, check the boxes corresponding to the programs that the Entity Self Service and Enterprise Manager roles should have access to.

  7. Click on the Manage tab.

  8. Check the Enterprise Manager box for both Manage TouchPoint and Manage TouchPoint Security.

  9. Save.

For more information on setting up ETO Engage, click here

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