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A sandbox is a secondary environment where Users can practice working in a mock ETO space, created by taking a snapshot of a product database that includes all configuration and client data.


  • Test out modifications to existing set up, check for conflicts with other customizations, or build out new features for internal vetting.

  • A terrific option for administrators who wish to develop and test their own system customizations without affecting their Users' day-to-day interactions with ETO.

  • Train new hires without interacting with live data.


Sandboxes can be refreshed to match your live instances of ETO. Check with your account manager to see how often this can occur.

Sandboxes can also be left alone and can be utilized as a true sandbox, for testing and developing new and evolving content.

If you create a TouchPoint or Form in your Sandbox and want to migrate it to your live Enterprise without refreshing, you can utilize Back Up and Restore.

Logging in to the Sandbox

You will receive a unique URL to login to your sandbox instance. It will likely look like this:

Your username will be:

etosandbox_database name/jdoe

ETO Results in the Sandbox

When a sandbox is created, custom ETO Results reports are not copied over to the sandbox.

It is best practice to build out reports intended for live data in the live Enterprise. Users can create reports in their Favorites folders or create public folders to build and test report functionality.

If you have technical issues or questions regarding your Sandbox please contact support.

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