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This feature allows Administrators to create one or more groupings that can be utilized for packaged reporting (e.g. for funders or departments) under Program Group Reports (described in Reports section of this Manual) and for establishing Site navigation visibility rules. Program Groups may give Administrators the ability to assign specific Demographics which might be accessible to all of the Programs within that Group, but not Programs outside of that Group. To utilize this feature do the following:

Adding a New Program Group

Step 1 - On the Navigation Bar, expand Site Administration and click on "Manage Program Groups". 

Step 2 -  Click "Add New Program Group". Type the Program Group Name and select the scope (if you’re a Site Administrator, the group is Site level by default; if you’re an Enterprise Administrator you’ll also see Enterprise Level). When complete, click “Submit New Program Group Information.”

Managing Program Groups

Step 1 - In Navigation Menu, expand Site Administration and click on Manage Program Groups. 

You can Manage your Program Groups in the following ways: 

  • Programs - This essential function allows you to choose the Programs you wish to include in this Group (e.g., bundling Programs by funding source or department) for quick and easy reporting. This example is grouping together programs that include Participants who are youth.

  • Demographics - This allows a Site Administrator to associate Site-Level Demographics with a Program Group; Enterprise Administrator can choose Enterprise-level Demographics for the Program Group. The image below shows that the Demographics Wizard also includes the option to create a demographic with the scope of a program group. Select Site or Enterprise to view the Program Groups.

  • Assessments (Legacy) - This allows a Site Administrator to secure Assessments in their Site to a Program Group. An assessment can be secured to just one Program on the Manage Survey/Assessment page, this option allows for an Assessment to be secured to multiple Programs.

    • NOTE: This function is not available at the Enterprise level and the link does not appear for Enterprise-level Program groups.

  • Disable - If a Program Group is active, it will show as Enabled; if you disable it, it will drop behind the page and you can click Show Disabled to view it if you wish.

  • Edit - This allows you to change the name of the Program Group.

Once you’ve created one or more Program Groups, explore the reporting available through Program Group Reports, or using the Program Group filter in the Query Wizard, which is found in the Program History focus area.

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