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No Participants have ETO Connect access when the add-on is first turned on. ETO Connect Administrators can create Connect accounts for any Participant with a valid email address in the standard email demographic field in ETO. Administrators can grant and manage Participant access to ETO Connect through their own ETO Connect view.

Participants Who Are New (To Your ETO)

Step 1: Participants who are new to your organization will fill out an Intake Form.

Step 2: Once the Intake Form is complete the Participants will appear in the Unregistered Participant list found under Participant Permissions. 

Participants Who Exist in ETO 

Step 1: Participants who already exist in ETO can be registered for ETO Connect without completing the Intake Form. These Participants will already appear in the Unregistered Participant list found under Participant Permissions.

Registering Participants

Navigation Bar > Connect > Connect

Step 1: Click on Participant Accounts 

Step 2: To find Participants who do not have access to ETO Connect, click on the Unregistered Participants tab.

On the Unregistered Participants tab, Participants can be searched for/sorted in several different ways: 

  • Using the search function; search by Partial first name, last name, or email address.

  • By default the list will pull the Participants who have their view/edit page updated within the last year. Un-check this box to see all Participants regardless of last update.

  • Participants can be sorted A-Z or Z-A by first name

  • Participants can be sorted A-Z or Z-A by last name

  • Participants can be sorted A-Z or Z-A by email address

  • Participants can be sorted by earliest to latest or latest to earliest Date of Birth

  • Participants can be sorted A-Z or Z-A by Site Name

Step 3: Check the box left of the name of the Participant (or Participants) then click the Create Connect Account button at the bottom of the page. 

Reminder - The Participant must have a valid email address to be registered.

Step 4: Once registered the Participant will receive an email with instructions on how to set up a password and access ETO Connect. 

The login URL is specific to your enterprise. The typical URL follows this format:   https://[enterprise name]

Managing Registered Participants

The Registered Participants tab shows the list of Participants enterprise wide who have access to ETO Connect.

Disable / Enable / Forgot Password
Once granted, ETO Connect access can be disabled and later re-enabled for any Participant at anytime.

To disable an account, check the box next to the Participants’ name and click Disable.

The Participant will not be informed by email that they have been disabled or re-enabled.

The only way to reset a Participant password is to click the forgot my password at the login screen.

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