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Step 1 – Click "Enterprise" on the Navigation Bar.

Step 2 – Click "Manage Workflow Templates".

Step 3 – Click on "New Workflow Template" to see the following options:

  • Name*

  • Description

  • Tag

  • Workflow Begins*

  • Workflow Ends*

  • Enrollment Restrictions*

  • Dismiss from workflow when dismissed from program?*

  • Only show this workflow when the user is in the same program it was started?*

Step 4 – At the bottom of the "New Workflow Template" page, you will have options regarding the "Current Version".

Under "Checkpoint", a dropdown menu with 3 selectable options will be available:

1) "Add Condition"

2) "Add Message"

3) "Add Step"

Step 5 – Once a New Workflow Template has been successfully created, you can "Edit" this Workflow Template to see the following new options at the bottom:

The "Manage" and "Make Available for Download" tabs will let you manage the Workflow's Security and select where this Workflow Template can be downloaded, respectively, in a menu similar to managing TouchPoint Security.

Potential Errors when Saving

  • "A workflow that offers unlimited enrollments cannot contain only condition checkpoints."

  • "A workflow that offers unlimited enrollments must contain at least one checkpoint that is set to wait for completion."

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