Enterprise Enroll: Search Settings

#Enterprise This article explains the Search Settings for Enterprise Enroll. This feature is only applicable for Enterprise Managers.

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Attention: Social Solutions is now Bonterra. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name.

  1.  Click Search Settings (only available for Enterprise Managers and above)

  2.  Check/Uncheck Disable Family Search
    By default users will be able to search for Families. Disabling will only allow search to be for individual participants

  3. Check/Uncheck Hide "Sites currently enrolled" in search results
    By default "Sites" will show a list of sites participants are currently enrolled in

  4. Select Demographics that users should be able to Search when using Enterprise Enroll
    - These settings will apply to the whole Enterprise
    - Full Name is always included
    - A maximum of 4 demographics to search on may be selected.
    - A maximum of 6 demographics to display in search results may be selected. 

  5. Click Save 


Expected behavior of participants enrolled in Confidential Programs, search will return in Enterprise Enroll search displaying "enrolled" within site. (Specific program enrollment is not included)

When viewing a Participant's dashboard within site, Program enrollment will not display unless user has access to Confidential Programs.

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