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Duplicate Participants | Enterprise Participant Automatic Link
Duplicate Participants | Enterprise Participant Automatic Link


Updated over a week ago

The purpose of the Automatic Link Feature is to eliminate the manual effort for end users to link duplicate Participants across an enterprise. 

Summary of Feature

Enterprise Participant has been modified to add a new feature that will allow for the Automatic Link of duplicate Participants from the View Results page. Based on the selected set of criteria, the system will provide the potential duplicate Participants. As an Enterprise Manager (or any other staff person set-up by the enterprise manager), you will be given the ability to Automatically Link of all the duplicated Participants.


  • Please note that your duplicated Participants are not necessarily guaranteed to be the same person, but could have matched on the criteria you have defined.

  • It is an all-or-nothing task, meaning all of the results from your selected criteria will be automatically be linked upon execution.

  • This feature is a permanent link of Participants and there is NO systematic way to reverse this process.

How to Generate the Data for Auto-Merge

  • Log into ETO and click on the “Manage My Enterprise” feature on the Navigation Bar under “Enterprise”

  • Check the box “Allow Auto-Merging for Enterprise Participants”

  • Save this change

  • Go to “Enterprise Participants” on the Navigation Bar under “Enterprise”

  • Add a new Match Criteria for the Auto-Merge (Link)

  •  Suggested criteria: 

    • FirstName (exact)

    • LastName (exact)

    • DOB (exact)

o   Reminder, when creating a new “Match Criteria”, the process to generate the data for review will take an overnight process.

  • Click on the View Results tab:   From the View Enterprise Participants by Criteria Set page, notice that before you select a “Match Criteria” to view; the screen appears to look the same: 

After you select a “Match Criteria” to view; the screen updates to provide 2 additional options: 

  1. Auto Merge

  2. View Schedule 

After you have reviewed all the results of the “Match Criteria” selected, click the Auto-Merge button to start the process: A pop-up message will appear as seen below:

If you are ready to start the merge process, click the “OK” button

o   The merge job will now show up in the Schedule to run over night

o   To see the schedule, click on the “View Schedule” from the “View Enterprise Participants by Criteria Set” page

The job will display at the top of the list as “Active”

Before the job runs overnight, the end users has the ability to cancel the job using the “Cancel Active Job” button from the “Enterprise Participants – Merge Jobs Schedule” screen 


  •  This is an Enterprise Wide Merge, therefore only one job request can be active at a time. If a second request is processed on the same day, a message box will pop-up as seen below:

If you select “OK”, the first request will be bumped to an “Inactive Status” automatically and will not be processed

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