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This article covers how to update Participant emails for ETO Connect access #Connect #Participants

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When a Participant has an email address that needs updating, there is one action that needs to be taken prior to changing their email: check if the Participant is registered or unregistered in ETO Connect.

Unregistered Participant

If a Participant is unregistered in ETO Connect, meaning that they have not received an email/link to log in and establish a password, you will be able to simply change their email address on their Demographics Page and see it update in ETO Connect. The change is not shown in real time, so you will need to exit and return to ETO Connect to see the changes.

Registered Participant

If a Participant is registered in ETO Connect, meaning that they have an account and password fully established and registered with the original email address, a few more steps will need to be taken to update their email:

  • Create a brand new duplicate Participant with the updated email address

  • Merge the duplicate Participants (Participant with original email and Participant with new email address)

    • Ensure that the Participant with the new updated email address is the primary record

  • After merging, the original registered Participant will no longer appear in ETO, but the merged Participant will now appear in the Unregistered Participants section with the updated email address

You may now proceed as normal and re-register this Participant with their updated email address.

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