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If you would like to add your organization's image or logo to be displayed on TouchPoints when printed using the "Print" option available in the View TouchPoint area of ETO, please follow the below steps.  

Note: the directions below apply only to the Print option from within the View TouchPoint page. This logo will not appear if the user is printing a TouchPoint response report or any other standard ETO Report.  

From the Navigation Bar 

  1. Go to Site Administration

  2. Select Manage My Site

  3. On the "Information and Settings" Tab, located "Upload Image"

  4. Browse for the logo/image of your choice (Note: Images must be no more than 100x100 pixels)

  5. When the image loads, choose "Crop & Save"

  6. Check option to "Have the Site Logo appear on the TouchPoint print view page"

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage My Site page and click Save

Your image should now appear on TouchPoints when choosing the "Print" option from the View TouchPoint screen.

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