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Logging in to ETO Connect

When a Participant is granted access to ETO Connect, they will be sent an email with a link to log in and set a password.

The login URL is specific to your enterprise. The typical URL follows this format: https://[enterprise name]

Admins can find their unique URL by looking at the Intake Form link.

Forgot My Password

Clicking Forgot My Password with the email of a Participant on the sign page will reset that Participant's password. The Participant will receive an email with a link to reset their password.

Password Requirements: must be at least 8 characters long, and must have at least one letter and one number

Taking Action in ETO Connect

Dashboard / Landing Page

Once logged in, users will be taken to their dashboard.

On the left hand menu there will be a list of programs where the Participant is enrolled


TouchPoints that Participants can record are listed in two places: under their respective Programs (1) and on the dashboard (2).

Participants can take the form by clicking the form name on the left or the "Fill Out" button on the dashboard.

Completed TouchPoints can be viewed from "Form Submissions"

Users can search for forms based on form name. Otherwise, they are organized by date taken.


Notifications will appear in the top right hand corner. Users can click the mail icon to view notifications.


Participant Information

Participants can click on their name and choose Account Information to update demographics.

Note: If a Participant updates the email address in ETO Connect that will not update the email field in ETO.

Updating demographics, if allowed by the Administrator, can be done by clicking "Update" beneath the demographics.

Account passwords can be updated from this page as well.

Note: Once an admin has registered an email address, if a Participant does not set a password through the initial "Online Connect Access" email. The Participant can go to their Enterprise's Connect log-in page and select "Forgot My Password" to create a new access email and log-in to Connect.

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