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Batch Upload Fake Participants
Updated over a week ago

On occasion, you may find that Delete Fakes did not capture all of your fake Participants. Delete Fakes captures Participants named with a First or Last name of "Fake".

However, if you have Participants named Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck, Delete Fakes will not recognized these as fake Participants.

You may perform a Batch Upload to adjust these Participants' names to "Fake" in order to capture them in the Delete Fakes feature.


Step 1 – Change Duplicate Check Settings

Note: Do not include First or Last Name as a duplicate check setting. We recommend Exact Match on Case Number or any unique and required field

The duplicate check settings allows the Batch Upload to determine if this is a new or existing Participant. Our goal is to update existing Participants.

Step 2 – Generate a Template for Batch Upload Participant

Step 3 – Remove unrequired demos, non-duplicate check setting demos, and program information from the file.

Step 4 – Upload the file. Always test first with 1-2 rows of data.

Step 5 – Choose the first option: "Use my file to update all demographics in ETO Software"

Step 6 – Continue.

Step 7 – Verify that the Participants were updated, not inserted.

If they were inserted, use Delete Fakes to remove them and check your duplicate check settings before attempting another upload.

If they were updated, use Delete Fakes to remove the fake Participants as intended.

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