Back Up/Restore ETO Configuration


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Note: The Back Up/Restore ETO Configuration feature is used to transport certain settings and forms between Enterprises or to save old versions of TouchPoints, Dashboard Messages, Alerts, etc. outside of ETO. It is not a way to "copy" Sites in the same Enterprise.

The list of settings and forms that are available to be backed up is below. Each of these sections can be expanded to show the full list of ETO Configurable Objects.

  • Standard & Custom Participant Demographics

  • Assessments/Surveys

  • Points of Service & Composites

  • Effort Qualifiers

  • Entity Standard and Custom Attributes

  • Feeder Tables

  • Home Pages

  • Manage Add Participant/Family Settings

  • Dashboard Messages

  • TouchPoints

  • Alerts

  • Collection Types

  • Question Bank

  • Sync Demographics Settings

  • Funds

  • Dashboard Templates

  • Standard Report Settings

  • Custom Universes

  • Workflows

Using the Tool

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click on "Back Up/Restore ETO Configuration" under "Site Administration".

    1. The page should default to the Back Up tab. If it does not, click on the Back Up tab.

  2. When backing up a configuration, Users can choose one or multiple objects.

    1. To view available objects, click on the plus sign next to the section name.

    2. To select all objects, check the box in the top left next to the name of the section.

  3. Once the objects have been selected, click on Save at the bottom of the page.

  4. The webpage will then prompt the user to save an XML file containing the selected objects.

  5. Save the XML file in an appropriate place on your computer.

  6. To restore it to a different location, log into your target Enterprise/Site/Program.

  7. Click on Back Up/Restore ETO Configuration under Site Administration.

  8. Click on the Restore tab.

  9. Click on Browse.

  10. Select the previously saved XML file from the previous Enterprise in your file system.

  11. Click on Restore.

  12. Your settings and/or forms that were present in the XML file should now be applied to your target Enterprise.

Note: When restoring a form (ex. TouchPoints) with a Response Cross Reference element to a new Enterprise, you will receive a warning upon completion of the restoration indicating that the reference does not exist in this location. For this reason, the form will be restored without that element.
When restoring a form with a Response Cross Reference element within its source Enterprise, you will not receive a warning even if the referenced TouchPoint has been deleted. In this case, the form will be restored but the element itself will contain a blank drop-down menu. You can then select the TouchPoint you wish to reference.

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