ETO Software's API allows social impact organizations to create functional applications or integrations through remote execution. Authentication is performed by making REST-based web service requests with an active ETO account. Your ETO solution will need the API feature enabled.

Please note, all available calls across the environments are the same. Access to the API is specific to the environment (COM, US, CA, AU.COM) that you reside in. All calls are provided on the below pages, full schemas are not available for download.

If you are experiencing an issue with one of our calls, please contact our support team at with the full wrapper and response. Please note that our support team cannot consult on custom API integrations. custom integrations should be discussed with your account manager at .

If you are interested in using our test environment or would like more information on how to access your API, please contact your Account Manager.

Helpful Articles

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  6. /API/Search.svc/Search/Enrollment

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