Add Legal Use Statement to Enterprise


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Depending on what kind of work your organization does, you may want to add a legal statement to your Enterprise. This will automatically take a user to a page with the legal statement when they log in to ETO. From this page, they will need to confirm that they have read and understand the legal statement before they can continue to the ETO home page.

To turn this feature on: 

  1. Click on "Manage My Enterprise," which is on the "Enterprise" sub-menu of the Navigation Bar.

  2. Activate the "Requires legal use statement" option.

  3. In the "Requires legal use statement text," type in your legal statement, terms, etc.

    1. ex: "This Enterprise contains sensitive information that may not be shared to third parties"

  4. Type the confirmation message that you want to appear next to the checkbox that must be checked if the User wants to continue

    1. ex: "I have read and understand the terms and conditions"

  5. Press "Save".

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