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Confidential Programs | Participants: Find Participant (C)
Confidential Programs | Participants: Find Participant (C)
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The (C) tag in ETO software stands for confidential.

Find Participant (C) provides search results that do NOT include Participants that have Program history in a confidential Program unless the User has access to that Program. The results are pulled from across the Site and include Participants who are currently active and dismissed but eliminates these confidential Participants.

It functions similarly to the Find Participant feature, the only difference is that it removes confidential records from the results.

Setting it Up

Site Administrators have the option to make Programs confidential on the Manage Programs page. The confidential option is rarely used by Bonterra customers. Examples of Programs that might use this option include those providing services to Participants with health concerns or whose safety is at stake, such as victims of domestic violence.

Site Administrators also control staff access to different Programs from the Manage User Accounts page. In this example, the User does not have access to the confidential Program Business Development. Therefore, this User will not be able to view any Participants with Program history included in this Program.

In Use

Find Participant (C) should be added to the Navigation Bar if any Programs on the Site are confidential. The Find Participant feature allow Users to search across all Programs in a Site, regardless of which Programs they can access.  If set up properly, confidential functionality will prohibit Users from searching into Programs that they don't have access to that have been made confidential.

When searching, you must provide at least a (partial) last name, SSN, or case number to limit the scope of the results. You cannot leave this search box blank.

Participant Program History will not include any enrollments in confidential Programs, unless the User has access to those confidential Programs. Confidential features will not display the Participant's SSN, DOB, or any other sensitive data in the search results.

The Quick Search across the Site will also be marked with a (C) to reflect the confidential features available on the Navigation Bar.

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