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Site Administration
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Manage My Site#Enterprise
Edit Existing Forms (TouchPoint, Referral, Collection Type, Approval)#Forms Edit TouchPoint, settings, Collection types, Referrals, Approvals
Change Default Program when Logging In#Enterprise change login landing page
Change Idle Timeout Interval#Enterprise
Copy Site or Program in ETOTransfer data or copy configuration across programs or sites in ETO
Applying Site Navigation Templates#Enterprise
Back Up/Restore ETO Configuration#Enterprise
Add or Remove Participant Fly-Out Menu Links | Quick Search#Enterprise | Quick Search
Manage Feeder Tables#Enterprise An overview of the Manage Feeder Tables functionality.
Manage Sites#Enterprise
Disable a Site#Enterprise
Manage Site Navigation#Enterprise
Manage Site Navigation | Additional Features#Enterprise
Manage Site Navigation | Custom Rules#Enterprise Create and manage custom or CxRules for Site Navigation features.
Multi-Factor Authentication Settings#Enterprise
Add New Staff | Site Administration#Site Administration #Add User #Add New Users
Unable to create SSO Login: Email not unique
User Roles in ETODescription of ETO User Roles and their capabilities, functionalities, and information on best practices.
Manage User Accounts#Enterprise
Manage User Accounts | Disable User#EndUser
Manage User Accounts | Re-enable User#Enterprise
Merge User AccountsMerging two emails that exist in two unique Enterprises to one email that has access to both Enterprises.
Who Is OnWhoIsOn or Who Is On #Enterprise
Manage Release of Information Security#Enterprise Please speak to your account manager if you are interested in this feature.
Question Bank | Add and Edit Questions#Forms
Batch Upload Attachments | Setting up your SFTP clientBasic instructions on setting up your SFTP client for use with ETO's Batch Upload Attachments feature.
Add Logo to View TouchPoint Print Page#Forms Touchpoints