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The Navigation Bar, found on the left side after getting logged in, acts as a gateway to the many features of ETO. What appears on the Navigation Bar is customizable through Manage Site Navigation, so you may not be able to see all of the following options depending on your User role. Administrators and Users alike can choose to collapse or appear the Navigation Bar by default.

This article provides hyperlinks to other articles based on their position on the Navigation Bar. Some features may not have a linked article, as they may be legacy features that have since been replaced by newer ETO features.

Navigation Bar Links to Corresponding Articles




Participant History

My Work

  • Add Attribute by Group

  • Find Entity (Legacy)

  • Find Entity

  • Add New Entity (Legacy)

  • View/Edit Entity (Legacy)

  • Manage Entities

  • Enroll Entity (Legacy)

  • Enroll Entity

  • Dismiss Entity (Legacy)

  • Manage Program Entities

  • Record Entity Efforts

  • Multiple Entity Efforts

  • Review Entity Efforts (Legacy)

  • Review Entity Efforts

  • Entity Assessment

  • Define Entity Subtypes

  • Track Entity Processes



ETO Reports

  • Entity ETO*

  • General ETO*

  • Participant ETO*

  • ETO: Assessment

  • ETO: Entity

  • ETO: General

  • ETO: Misc

  • ETO: Net Impact

  • ETO: Participant

  • ETO: Participant (Site)

  • ETO: Staff

  • ETO: Staff*

  • ETO: Time & Effort



  • View Marketplace

ETO Insight

Program Administration

Site Administration



  • Manage Community


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