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This feature works in exactly the same way that Enroll Participant does, the only difference is that Participants that have Program history in a confidential Program will not show in the search results unless the User has Program information/access to that confidential Program.

Enroll Participant (C) provides the User the opportunity to enroll a Participant from the Site into the currently selected Program. Remember that Participants who are currently active in the selected Program will not be returned in the search results. 

Making Programs Confidential

Site Administrators have the option to make Programs confidential on the Manage Programs page. This feature is rarely used by SSI customers. Examples of Programs that might use this option include those providing services to Participants with health concerns or whose well being is at stake, such as victims of domestic violence.

Giving Users Access to Confidential Programs

In the following example of Site/Program Access, accessed by the Site Administrator from the Manage User Accounts feature, the User does not have access to the confidential Program “Children with Disabilities.” This User will therefore not see any Participants with Program history that includes this Program when using the Enroll Participants(C) or Find Participant(C) features.

The Find Participant and Enroll Participant features both allow Users to search across all Programs in a Site, regardless of which Programs they can access. If set up properly, confidential functionality will prohibit Users from searching into Programs that they don't have access to that have been made confidential.

If confidential functionality is set for a Site/Program in your Enterprise in ETO, Find Participant (C) and Enroll Participant(C) should both be added to the Navigation Bar. Find Participant and Enroll Participant should not be on the Navigation Bar. Remember, it is either the (C) features on the Navigation Bar or the “regular features” but never both.

Quick Search

The Quick Search across the Site will also be marked with a (C) to reflect the (C) features available on the Navigation Bar.

Participant Program History

Participant Program History will not include any enrollments in confidential Programs, unless the User has access to those confidential Programs.

Neither confidential feature will display the Participants’ SSN, DOB, or any other sensitive data in the search results.

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