Participant Eligibility (Add-On)

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This feature allows you to set Participant eligibility criteria for a Program. Eligibility can be enforced when adding/enrolling Participants into the Program and when making a referral to the Program.

This feature is not available by default. Please contact Support ( to have the feature activated.

Default User Role: Staff

This feature identifies the Programs for which a Participant is eligible based on Standard and Custom Demographic criteria developed by the Administrator using the Manage Program Eligibility feature.

Step 1 – Select "Participants" on the Navigation Bar.

Step 2 – Select "Participant Eligibility" .

Step 3 – Type in the name of the Participant for whom you wish to view Eligibility.

Step 4 – Select either the name of the Participant or "Work with Participant".

Step 5 – The next page will show you a list of Programs for which this Participant is eligible, including Program Name, Criteria Set Name, and Description.

Or, if the Participant is not eligible, a message explaining why will display. This message gives you the option to "Define New Program Eligibility Criteria".

Selecting "Define New Program Eligibility Criteria" will bring you to the "Program Eligibility Criteria for Lenten Test" page.

Check out our article on Participant Eligibility and Entities as well!

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