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The Enterprise Enroll feature allows Users to enroll any Participant from any Site on the Enterprise that has enabled this option. This feature only applies to organizations with an Enterprise version of ETO (not on a Site on a Shared Enterprise). 

Enterprise Enroll settings must first be enabled by the Enterprise Manager under "Manage Sites". These three settings must be turned on: 

  • Listen for Enterprise Duplicates 

  • Advertise for Enterprise Duplicates

  • Allow Referrals from This Site

After these settings have been enabled, the Enterprise Enroll feature will also need to be enabled under Manage Site > Manage Site Navigation.

Note: It is expected behavior for Participants enrolled in Confidential Programs to return in an Enterprise Enroll search shown as "enrolled" within the Site. Specific program enrollment is not displayed.

Steps to Enterprise Enroll 

Step 1 – From the Navigation Bar, click on Participants.

Step 2 – Select "Enterprise Enroll".

  • Search settings allow you to customize which demographics are used to locate Participants.

  • Clicking the Search Help button creates a pop-up with a list of reminders about searches.

  • There will be two search fields, but only one can be used at a time: Participant Search or Family Search.

Step 3 – Enter your search criteria for Participant Search or Family Search, and click Search.

Step 4 – Check the box(es) of the Participant(s) to be enrolled.

  • If the search is done on family name, the results will be a list of family names with a toggle (+/-). The User may enroll all family members in a family or select just specific members. The family will remain intact. 

Step 5 – Once the Participant(s) are selected for enrollment, you will be prompted to enter a Program Start Date.

Step 6 – Click "Enroll Participant".

Step 7 – If more than one Participant is selected for enrollment, the User will be prompted with two choices:

  • Enroll Selected Participants With Different Program Start Dates

  • Enroll Selected Participants with the Same Program Start Dates

Step 8 – Click "Continue".

Step 9 – Enter the Participant start date for all Participants, or for each Participant, depending on the Enrollment setting from the previous page.

Step 10 – Click "Enroll Participants".


Enterprise Enroll allows you to quickly enroll multiple Participants for use across Sites.

Duplicate check settings must be activated in order to use this feature.

Access Enterprise Enroll via Participants > Enterprise Enroll on the Navigation Bar.

Customize the demographics to search for and search using Participant or Family Search.

Enroll Participants with the same start date, or with different start dates.

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