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The Merge Duplicates feature allows you to merge two similar or duplicate Entities into one primary record.

If your Entities are Enterprise-level, you will need to use the Duplicate Entities feature.

Note: This feature is not designed to merge Entity contacts. 

To Merge Duplicate Entities:

  1. On the Navigation Bar, select Site Administration.

  2. Click on Merge Entities.

  3. Search by (partial) Entity name for the duplicate records.

  4. Only two records can be merged at one time. Check the boxes next to the two Entities to be merged and click Continue. (Only Entities that are NOT Enterprise-level will appear).

  5. The next screen prompts you to select a “Master” record. All other information associated with both records will be merged into the master copy: Assessments, Efforts, processes, employment records and referrals, etc.

    1. It is recommended that the Entity record with the most complete attribute information be chosen as the master record. However, any attributes on the copy will be lost and attributes on the master record will be retained.

  6. Click Continue to complete the merge.

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