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How to use ETO's Support Portal for ETO Admins

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If you are a Site or Enterprise Administrator and your account has been given access to the portal, you can utilize a variety of resources for ETO.

Click Help > Support in ETO to access the Portal.


  1. Create a Case: Submit a question to the Support team or report a problem with the functionality of your ETO.

  2. View Support Cases: Access any of the tickets or cases you have submitted to the ETO Support team

  3. Knowledge Base: Instructional documentation and step-by-step guides to using ETO.

  4. Training: See a calendar of upcoming training events, register for a live webinar, or watch a recorded training demo.

  5. User Groups: Find and converse with other ETO users at other organizations.

Create a case

Creating a case is how you can communicate problems with your ETO to the Support team.

  1. Select the Type field to choose the overall topic your case relates to.

  2. Select the Category field to choose a more specific  feature.

  3. Select the Priority drop down menu to select the urgency of your request. For best practices, please review our Case Priorities.

  4. Who Am I?: This information allows us to know your enterprise's location in the software. This information is found by double clicking the ETO software logo in the top left corner of the software. You can copy and paste the information from there into this field to help us resolve your issue more quickly. 

  5. Subject: Provide a short, descriptive, headline for the issue you're contacting us about.

  6. Description: This field is where you describe the issue you're having in detail. For best practice, please review the guidelines for submitting a case:
    - Exact reproduction steps
    - the name of the feature you are working with (TouchPoints, Demographics, Batch Upload)
    - the name of the form (TouchPoint, Effort, Assessment) or report you are working with
    - the case number for the participant/s if the issue you are having is when working with a specific participant/s

  7. Attach images, screenshots, and other files in the attachment section:

  8. Submit your case by clicking Save.

View Support Cases

To view the support cases you have submitted to the ETO Support team, click View Support Cases on the main portal. You can view the cases you yourself have submitted or any cases that have been submitted from your organization. 

  1. Expand the drop down menu to see All Cases or to filter down the cases you would like to view.

  2. The Status column will tell you that the ETO team is working to resolve your case.

    To edit your cases, select the 'All Open Cases' option from the drop down. You will be given an edit option on the far left side of the screen.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base holds all the instructional and step-by-step materials for using and configuring your ETO database.

Use the Search bar to find articles related to the topic you need assistance with.

When your article is open, you will see pictures and step-by-step instructions.


  • Do not use the chatter feed at the top of the case to communicate with support agents. Reply to the email thread or use comments on the case itself to communicate with Support agents. This ensures that your latest message to Support is moved into the correct queue in order for Support agents to find it and respond in a timely fashion.

  • If you have not heard from a support agent within one business day of opening a case, check your email's Spam, Junk and Clutter folders for email from the sender < >. When you find it, please add this sender to your Trusted Senders list or your Contacts. This will ensure that you receive responses from Support agents in a timely fashion.

If you do no have access to the Portal and are a Site or Enterprise Manager, please contact ETO Support at and let us know you'd like access to the Portal. 

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