This feature allows users to keep track of their appointments for Participants, collections, users, and rooms. Users can be alerted via reminders when they have an appointment coming up. Default user role for this feature is Site Manager.

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click on Scheduling.

  2. Click on View Schedule.

3. Choose your view by clicking on Day, Week, Month, or Agenda on the top of the Scheduler.

4. Filter what shows on the calendar by Participants, collections, users, or room by toggling the categories and choosing a subject.

- Note that only one filter can be used at a time.

5. You can export the calendar to print by clicking on Export to PDF in the upper right hand corner.

Note: In order for a user to show up in scheduling, they must be an Administrative Entity with the sub-type of "Staff" linked to their staff accounts. The entity must also be enrolled in the program, and cannot be an individual entity type.

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