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Families group Participants together with custom relationship information and tie members to a single Family ID. A Family might share similar Demographics and similar Program Enrollments. Participants can be a part of many Families and are typically a part of the Family for their entire time in ETO.


  1. Set up Families with Manage Family Demographics and Family Relationships in the Feeder Table

  2. Add a New Family with Existing Participants – group existing ETO Participants into a Family

  3. Create a Family with New Participants – create new Participants and their Family in one step

  4. Configure Family Dashboards to see Family TouchPoints and composition details

  5. Add new families and update existing families through Family Batch Upload

  6. Configure Add New Participant/Family settings for a defined intake process

  7. Set up Participant Dashboards with Family Dashboard Parts to see Family information on Participant Dashboards

  8. Set up Family Quick Links for easy display and access of Family information.

Reporting on Families

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