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Participants are one of the primary data points in ETO.

Participant records track Demographics, Program Enrollments, and any other activity relating to the participant.

Participant Dashboards, as displayed below can be customized to show a participant's most recent and relevant activities and information.

Participant demographics are determined by the organization and can be scoped to Program, Site, or Enterprise scale.

Participant program history is tracked throughout the lifecycle of the participants engagement with ETO.

What else can participants do?

  • Participants can take Touchpoints!

  • Participants can have Caseworkers!

  • Participants can be enrolled in Workflows!

  • Participants can trigger Alerts!

  • Participants can be apart of a Collection!

  • Potential or new participants can use Connect to register as a ETO Participant!

  • Participants can login to Connect to complete Touchpoints!

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