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Families | Manage Family Demographics: Relationship Availability
Families | Manage Family Demographics: Relationship Availability


Updated over a week ago

When adding families into ETO, some demographics may only apply to specific family relationship types. Demographics can be configured to show based on the relationship selected, removing unnecessary fields when adding new Participants or viewing existing Participants. For example, marital status could be set to only show for adults in the household.

Modify which relationship types show a demographic

  1. On the Navigation Bar select Site Administration.

  2. Select Manage Demographics.

  3. Under Demographic Settings, select Manage Family Demographics.

  4. Go to the Demographics Relationship tab.

  5. Locate the demographic you would like to modify.

  6. Check off all relationship types that should have that demographic available.

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

  8. Save.

After making this change, you will only see that demographic field when adding a new Participant or viewing an existing Participant with one of the selected relationships.

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