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This article explains the View / Edit Families page in depth when working with existing Families in ETO. To review family creation steps, please visit:

In-Depth Instructions:

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click Participants. Then select View/Edit Families.

Step 2 – Enter a full or partial family name (or a family member's last name) and click Search.

  • The search box can also be left blank to return a list of all families in the site.

  • Families can only be searched Site-wide, not Program-wide.

Step 3 – Click the expand button (+) next to the Family Name in order to see family members associated with that family.

  • This is especially helpful if more than one family has the same name.

Step 4 – Click on the name of the family you want to work with.

  • This next page will display your options for editing the family.

1. Edit Family Name

  • Developing a consistent family naming strategy is highly recommended. Most organizations opt to name families using the first and last name of the Head of Household.

  • Click Save Family Name when you are finished.

2. Delete Family- Delete the history of the Participants ever being linked as a family. You can use this option to delete families that contain zero Participants.

  • This does not delete the individual Participants from ETO, only removes the family grouping from the records. A confirmation window will pop up to ask you to confirm your decision.

  • Note: Deleting a family will not delete TouchPoint responses, but will instead make the responses linked to each individual Participant within the family, and removes their links to the Family ID.

3. Disable Family- Deactivate the family relationship. The family will not show up as an option to take TouchPoints for.

  • This will not remove the individual Participants from ETO, only un-group the family.
    Unlike delete, disable does keep a record of the family's work.

  • After being disabled, the family will only be searchable if you click the Show Disabled button.

  • This button will change to say "Enable Family" once the family is disabled. Clicking the button again will enable the family.

4. View Program History- Display all active family members' program history records from across the site.

  • When a family member is enrolled into a new program or dismissed from a program, the history will reflect that change.

  • Click the toggle (+/-) next to the Program Name to display details about which family member is enrolled and information about their enrollment.

5. View Composition History- View the history of the family's composition.

  • Family composition changes when a family member is added or removed. Family composition does not reflect changes in relationship.

  • Changes are logged on a daily basis, so if you make two changes in one day, they will appear in the composition history one time. Click the toggle (+/-) to see the details of the change.

6. Relationship- Click here to change a Participant's relationship.
The drop-down values are created by the ETO Administrator.

7. Select as Head- Click here to assign or remove a Head of Family status.
There can only be one Head of Family per family.

8. Delete- Click here to remove or delete a Participant from the family.
A pop-up will ask you confirm if you would like to remove or delete.
Remove will remove the Participant from the family but will keep a record of his/her work with the family.
Delete will remove the Participant from the family and delete all records of his/her work with the family

9. Search for Others- Click here to search for Participants that already exist in ETO who can be added to the family.
Click the empty box next to the Participant's name and scroll to the bottom and click Add New Members to Family.
Current family membership will show next to the Participant's name. This will be blank if they are not currently assigned to a family.

10. Add New Family Member- Click here to add a new Participant to the family who does not yet exist in ETO.

  • Click to Add Family Member by Family Relationship

  • Select a relationship from the drop-down

  • Fill out all required demographic information

  • Enroll the new Participant in a program

  • Click Save

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