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Known Issues

Our teams are currently investigating issues with severe delays for Workflows. A possible symptom may include workflow tasks not getting marked as completed, despite the action being completed in the UI.


Organizational protocols can often be difficult to stick to unless the procedures are easy to follow. ETO workflows organize and enforce best practices by linking required checkpoints into a streamlined process. Workflows walk staff through prescribed checkpoints, easily allowing them to determine when a client meets the requirements and what step to take next in ETO. By turning an organization’s protocol into a workflow, program managers can be confident that their staff have completed all of the program’s requirements. 

How can workflows benefit my organization?

Workflows support and guide staff as a client moves through the program’s model of care. In doing so, the fidelity of the program model is supported while simultaneously ensuring compliance towards regulatory and accreditation standards.

Once a client has been enrolled in a workflow, staff will be guided directly to each feature in order to complete the checkpoints, eliminating the need to manually search through client history and determine the next step. Staff no longer have to manually track if and when milestones were completed.

Quick wins with workflows:

  • Get a quick view of clients' progress through the program's model of care

  • Support easy navigation within ETO software to the appropriate next steps in an organization's protocols

  • Provide staff with a checklist of actions without leaving ETO

  • Implement risk management initiatives and compliance to regulatory and accreditation standards

  • Easily configured using if/then logic

  • Enhance the ability of staff to provide more intention delivery of services

How do workflows work?

An ETO Administrator creates a workflow that staff can use to manage the clients in their caseload. Staff will be able to follow the workflow step-by-step to ensure that each client follows and completes that program’s requirements. The system will automatically check off each step as it is completed.

Staff and managers can review a client’s active workflows and workflow history at any time, ensuring that the client is making progress through the program. Workflows eliminate any speculation about where each client is in the program; users can see exactly what a client has completed and which milestones are still left to complete, thus ensuring their success within the program.

Are there any limitations?

Workflows work best at the participant level. A workflow will guide a user through their work with a single participant. Family, Collection, and Multiple Participant level workflows are not a current capability.

For more information…

On adding Workflow to your ETO: Contact the Account Management team here.
On technical issues with Workflow:
On available Workflow training labs: Contact the Training team here.

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