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Workflow | Review Participant Workflows
Workflow | Review Participant Workflows


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Users have the ability to review a Participant's Workflow history to see the Workflows the Participant has been enrolled in and which Workflows they have completed.

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 - To view a Participant's Workflow history, select "Participant History" from the Site Navigation bar then click "Review Participant Workflow."

Step 2 - Use the search bar to search for the Participant you would like to work with, while leaving it blank will return all Participants within the Program, and select the desired Participant.

The first tab shows the Active Workflows the Participant is enrolled in.

It will have:

  • The name of the Workflow

  • The Program the Workflow is in

  • The date the Participant started the Workflow

  • A space where the user can set the Participant's expected end date

  • The number of steps completed out of total within the Workflow

  • The completion percent of the Workflow

  • The Take Action icons:

    • The Save icon saves any changes that have been made to Expected End Date

    • The Exit icon removes the Participant from the Workflow but retains history that they were enrolled in the Workflow. If they were removed from the Workflow and reenrolled in the Workflow, it will start them from the first step.

    • The Delete icon removes the Participant from the Workflow but does not retain history that the Participant was enrolled in the Workflow. This can be used when a Participant was accidentally enrolled in the incorrect Workflow.

The next tab is "Enroll in a New Workflow." In this tab, you can manually enroll Participants into Workflows. Use the search bar to search for Workflows or leave it blank to return all available Workflows. To enroll a Participant, check the box next to the desired Workflow then the "Enroll" button and a confirmation will appear.

The third tab is the "Workflow History" tab. This tab shows all the Workflows the Participant has completed or exited. It shows the name of the Workflow, the Program, the start date, expected end date, actual end date, steps completed, percent complete, exit reason, and the Take Action icons. The Save icon will be used if any changes have been made to the Workflow start date or expected end date. The Delete icon will be used if you would like to erase the history of the Participant's enrollment in the Workflow.

The top of the page features additional links that can be utilized when working with the Participant.

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