Touchpoints are the most common data point in ETO. This article will provide you with the building blocks to get started.


  1. Create a New Touchpoint
  2. Touchpoint Settings
  3. Edit Touchpoint Settings
  4. Enable Touchpoint Security
  5. Edit Touchpoint Security
  6. Add Questions to a Touchpoint
  7. Edit Questions in a Touchpoint
  8. Manage Touchpoints

Creating Touchpoints

  1. New Touchpoint
  2. Edit Existing Touchpoints
  3. Touchpoint Limitations
  4. Touchpoint Security

Touchpoint Settings

  1. Completion Restrictions
  2. Update Period
  3. Enrollment Filter Settings
  4. Advanced Date Formatting
  5. Save Progress and Save Draft

Question Settings

Recording/Viewing Touchpoints

  1. Recording a Touchpoint
  2. Recording a Collection Touchpoint
  3. Recording a Multiple Participant Touchpoint
  4. Viewing Participant Touchpoints
  5. Viewing Collection Touchpoints
  6. Viewing Entity Touchpoints
  7. Viewing Family Touchpoints
  8. Viewing General Touchpoints
  9. Viewing Anonymous Touchpoints

Standard Touchpoint Reports

Helpful Reporting on Touchpoint Articles


Creating an Approval Form
Setting Approval Security
Creating Recipient Groups
Forwarding Approvals
View Approvals | My Work
Viewing Approvals | Email
Viewing Approvals | Dashboard Messages
VIDEO | Create Recipient Groups
VIDEO | Manage Recipient Groups

Parent and Child Forms (Primary and Sub-Forms)

Parent and Child Form Relationship

Recording SubForms

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