Recording TouchPoint Sub Forms


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Sub forms are a TouchPoint feature that allows users to record subsequent TouchPoint data within an existing TouchPoint record. The sub form feature was designed to allow users to enter additional service-related information stemming from a previously recorded TouchPoint. Sub forms can only be recorded for an individual subject, and cannot be used for groups such as Families. 

An example for use of this feature would be to track reimbursement checks stemming from a service. In this case, there maybe a primary TouchPoint which is used to capture a Participant’s disability and how much money the organization has agreed to pay the Participant in monthly installments. Rather than continuously edit that TouchPoint record after each payment is made to the Participant, a sub form of the primary TouchPoint can instead be used to keep track of how many checks were sent to the Participant on different dates. In other words, each time a check is remitted to the Participant for a payment, a sub form would be recorded to capture the payment. This method allows users to report on the payment information to show that all of the funds were submitted through several checks over time.

In-Depth Instructions

Under “Record TouchPoints” the sub form will not be available. The primary form must be recorded for the subject first. 

Step 1 – Record the primary TouchPoint form (Navigation Bar > TouchPoints > Record TouchPoints).

Step 2 – After the primary form has been recorded, on the navigation bar, select TouchPoints, then View (Participant/Entity/Collection/General/Anonymous) TouchPoints, depending on the subject for which the TouchPoint was recorded.

Step 3 – Search for the Participant/Entity and click on the name to see the Review TouchPoints page.

Step 4 – Click the toggle (+/-) next to the primary form name to expand the TouchPoint record.

Step 5 – Click on the dashboard icon in the Take Action column to go to this primary form’s TouchPoint Dashboard.

Step 6 On the primary form’s dashboard, the responses to the primary form are available under the “TouchPoint Information” dashboard part. In the “Recent TouchPoints” part a list will appear of all of the previously recorded sub forms for this specific primary form’s record. Click on the “New” link in the Recent TouchPoints part to record the sub form of the TouchPoint.


  • The Primary and Sub (or Child) Form relationship is one that will not function on an Enterprise scale.

  • The Primary form is created in Site A and the Child forms are typically taken in the same Site/Program.

  • Because the sub forms are accessed from the Primary Form's dashboard, the location of the dashboard is important. When the Primary form dashboard lives in Site A, users that do not have access to Site A cannot access the dashboard. Therefore, users cannot take associated sub-forms.

    • The users may see the primary form on the View Participant Touchpoint screen if it is set to Share Across Enterprise. However, they will not be able to access the dashboard to take sub forms.

    • If a participant moves from Site A to Site B, it is best practice to create a new primary form specific to the site so that users without permissions to access Site A may take appropriate sub-forms.

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