Recording Multiple Participant TouchPoints


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TouchPoints recorded for multiple Participants are used when a group of Participants meets for an activity once and does not meet again with the same membership. This is ideal for drop-in workshop attendance, support groups, and other similar activities.


Step 1 – Click "TouchPoints" on the Navigation Bar.

Step 2 – Select Record TouchPoint.

Step 3 – In the drop-down menu, select the TouchPoint you wish to record.

Step 4 – Check the box next to each of the subjects you wish to record the TouchPoint for.

Step 5 – Click Continue.

Step 6 – Be sure to record the date at the top of the TouchPoint.

Step 7 – To the left of the TouchPoint, you will see the list of names you selected. By default, the "All" tab will be selected.

  • To speed up data entry, you can enter information that applies to all subjects you selected here.

  • It is expected for the All tab to appear blank when you return to it; the information you recorded here will still appear on the individual tabs.

NOTE: Filling in from the ALL tab populates the same responses to each individual tab. The single head/individual responses can be changed person to person. Multiple Participants/two heads must have the same answer for all and can only be completed from the ALL tab

Step 8 – Select each tab individually to record subject specific information for each one.

Step 9 – Once you have completed the TouchPoint, click Save or Save as Draft to complete it later. 

Recording Attendance for Collections (set roster) 

To record attendance for a Collection or group of subjects, head to the site navigation bar and select “Record TouchPoints” under TouchPoints heading. Select the attendance TouchPoint from the drop-down menu and if necessary, the collection type you want to record for, a list of Collections will appear below the drop-down menus. Check the box next to the collection and select continue. The TouchPoint will look very similar to recording a TouchPoint for multiple Participants (as outlined above). To mark someone absent, select their name from the list on the left and select the answer for that individual.

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