Release Notes | February 16 | 20.69.0

Available 2/16/24

Updated over a week ago


This release includes a high-priority defect fix as well as updates to the ETO HMIS Data Validations feature.

Fixes & Updates:

ETO HMIS Data Validation Updates – We are excited to announce the ETO HMIS Data Validation feature has been updated to process validations using the HUD FY2024 Data Standards.

Data Validation reports are designed to help you ensure the quality of your HMIS data. We’ve made several enhancements and improvements so that the Data Validation report will now run as expected with HUD FY2024 standards. For more information on running a Data Validation report, click here.

ETOC-11318 - Fix for Out of Memory error when taking multiple TouchPoints. Previously, saving multiple TouchPoints in a row crashed browsers on different devices for some users and inconsistently produced an "Out of Memory" error. Now, TouchPoints will save as expected without crashing browsers or devices.

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