Release Notes | 20.63.0

Available 10/13/23

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes for ETO HMIS and updates to known HMIS issues.


ETOC-9841 - Filtering HUD Report by Multiple CoC Codes Yields No Result Fix

Previously, the HUD report showed all 0's when filtering by more than one CoC code. Now, the filtering is working as expected and results appear correctly when selecting multiple CoC codes.

ETOC-11598 - Fix for Housing Check-In Feature Unresponsive

Previously when using the Housing Check-In feature, no units were visible after expansion if a participant in the room had a backslash in their alert demographic. Now, units expand to allow for the addition of participants even if there is a backslash in demographics.

ETOC-11693 - Fix for HMIS: User.csv Not Showing Staff that had Program Access Removed

Previously, Staff that originally entered data in an HMIS program no longer appeared in User.csv after their program access was removed; however, their UserID remained in other .csv files. Now, User.csv will contain all appropriate UserIDs regardless of the Staff's program access and behave like other .csv files.

ETOC-11713 - HMIS FY2024 Standards Update: CLSSubsidyType Column Addition to CurrentLivingSituation.csv

Previously, the CLSSubsidyType column was missing in the CurrentLivingSituation.csv file, which is the new field entered as part of the changes to Appendix A list for 3.12, 3.917, 4.12. Now, the CLSSubsidyType column sits between the "CurrentLivingSituation" and "VerifiedBy" columns.

ETOC-11717 - HMIS FY2024 Standards Update: TrackingMethod Column Removed from Project.csv

Previously, Project.csv still had "TrackingMethod" column present. Now that .csv file does not have that column, as it was removed as part of the FY2024 standards.

ETOC-11736 - HMIS FY2024 Standards Update: Client.csv Column Order

Previously, in the Client.csv, columns were incorrectly ordered. Now the columns in are in the correct, mandated order of "DifferentIdentity," "GenderNone," and "DifferentIdentityText".

ETOC-11737 - HMIS FY2024 Standards Update: Update to Enrollment.csv Attribute Order

Previously, there were four attribute columns in the Enrollment.csv that were not in the correct order. Now, all attribute columns are in the mandated order.

PUR-4647 - Fix for New Program Security Merge Issue in ETO Results

Previously, some customers experienced unflattened universe security returning different results than the viewBOSecurity when a program was newly added. Now, security settings are respected and the report returns results as expected.

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