Release Notes | 20.66.1

Available 12/14

Updated over a week ago


This hotfix release includes high-priority HMIS and Batch Upload defect fixes.

Fixes & Updates:

ETOC-11754 - ETO HMIS: Correction of the date format in CEParticipation.csv and HMISParticipation.csv.

Previously, the CE Participation Status Start Date, CE Participation Status End date, HMIS Participation Status Start Date, and HMIS Participation Status End Date columns in the CEParticipation.csv and HMISParticipation.csv files had the incorrect format, showing as dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss. Now, the format is updated correctly to show yyyy-mm-dd with no timestamp in those .CSV columns.

ETOC-11759 - ETO HMIS: Fix for Living Situation data unavailable in Data Pulls.

Previously, Living Situation data was not pulled into Enrollment.csv in HMIS Data Pulls even though data existed in the HUD Assessment TouchPoint. Now, Living Situation data will be shown in Data Pulls as expected.

ETOC-11384 - Fix for Batch Upload: Cannot insert removed Collection members.

Previously, an error message appeared when trying to re-insert a Participant into a Collection via Batch Upload that had previously been removed from that Collection. Now, a removed participant can be added back to a Collection via Batch Upload.

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