Release Notes | January 19 | 20.67.0

Available 1/19/24

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high-priority HMIS defect fixes as well as Reporting and Batch Upload defect fixes.

Fixes & Updates:

ETOC-9833 - Entity Batch Upload: Fix for Cannot update entities with Enterprise scoped sub-type

Previously, updating Enterprise-level Entities via Batch Upload caused errors. Now, Enterprise-level entities and subtypes can be updated as expected via Batch Upload.

ETOC-10179 - ETO Results: Fix for Internal Referrals data disappearing after a Participant Merge

Previously, if a Participant had Internal Referrals and they were merged with a different record, any data from the Internal Referrals folder was removed from existing reports and could only be retrieved using objects from Referral (Legacy) folders. Now when a Participant is merged, both Internal Referral and legacy Referral data is maintained in reporting.

ETOC-11415 - Batch Upload: User Batch Upload BO Sync Issue

Previously in some cases, an ETO Results account became un-synced and data stopped showing in reports when permissions were updated for ETO Results users via Batch Upload. Now, the ETO Results account is unaffected by Batch Upload unless that reporting role is updated in the Batch Upload.

ETOC-11740 - ETO HMIS: Financial Services Provided (HOPWA or SSVF) TouchPoint Updates

Previously, certain customers experienced that the Financial Assistance Provided (HOPWA or SSVF) TouchPoint did not reflect the HUD FY2024 updates. Now, this TouchPoint should be updated as expected for all ETO HMIS customers.

ETOC-11758 - ETO HMIS: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity Demographics Updates

Previously, certain customers saw Race/Ethnicity and Gender HUD demographics did not get updated to the FY2024 HUD standards for specific sites. Now, all ETO HMIS databases and sites have the updated FY2024 HUD standards for demographics.

ETOC-11776 - ETO HMIS: Fix for Grant ID not populating in Funder.csv file

Previously, the Grant ID value in the "Grant Identifier - VA:Grant Per Diem - Case Management/Housing Retention" data element was not pulling into the Funder.csv file. Now, the value for "Grant Identifier - VA:Grant Per Diem - Case Management/Housing Retention" is pulled into the Funder.csv file as expected.

ETOC-11778 - ETO HMIS: PDDE CoC code Character Limit Increase

Previously, the TouchPoint element for PDDE CoC code had a character limit of 50 characters, causing codes to not show completely in some cases when the HMIS Data Pull was run. Now, that character limit is increased to 500 characters, accommodating use cases with many CoC codes. All codes should now appear in HMIS Data Pulls.

ETOC-11779 - ETO HMIS: Exit.csv shows "99" in "Destination Subsidy Type" column

Previously, theExit.csv file within HMIS Data Pulls was inputting the value of "99" in the "Destination Subsidy Type" column whenever there is a value other than "435" in the "Destination" column. Now, if the value in the "Destination" column is any value other than "435", the "Destination Subsidy Type" column will be “NULL” and not a value of "99" as expected by HUD standards.

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