Release Notes | April 4 | ETO 20.71.0

Available 4/5/24.

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes and ETO HMIS defect fixes.


ETOC-10182 | Advanced Date Formatting Referencing Current Date

Previously, the Advanced Date Formatting for Date elements looked to the current date to determine eligible date values. Now, Advanced Date Formatting looks at the Audit Date that the TouchPoint was created, also known as the actual date that the TouchPoint is being recorded, as expected.

ETOC-10861 | TouchPoint Response Elements Not Updating on Dashboards after Batch Upload

Previously, some users experienced TouchPoint response elements not updating on Dashboards after a Batch Upload. Now, Dashboards will accurately match the data of the response after a Batch Upload.

ETOC-11137 | ETO Workflow: Change Page Size Generating Error

Previously, when adjusting the page size for Workflows, a Support error appeared for some users. Now, the page size will update as expected with no error message.

ETOC-11527 | Error when Editing TouchPoint with "Restrict Date Taken" on

Previously, when editing a TouchPoint response that had Restrict Date Taken turned on, saving the response would generate an error stating the Date Taken had to be within a date range based on today's date rather than the Date Created/Audit Date like the setting states. Now, users can edit or save responses that have Restrict Date Taken on without error if it falls within the setting range based on the response's Date Created/Audit Date, as expected.

ETOC-11872 | ETO HMIS: PDDE โ€“ Conditional Logic Update for Housing Type rule

Previously, 2_02_6_projectype_showhousingtype rule on Project Descriptor Data Elements was missing conditional logic "A-10. Project Type[ExclusiveChoice] equal to Emergency Shelter - Entry Exit". Now, this rule includes that conditional logic.

ETOC-11886 | ETO HMIS: Fix for Incorrect Project ID in specific Data Pull Files

Previously, for some users, the incorrect Project IDs appeared in ProjectCoC.csv, HMISParticipation.csv, and CEParticipation.csv files from a Data Pull, but not elsewhere. Now, the correct Project ID will appear in these files for a Data Pull, as expected.

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