Release Notes | February 2 | 20.68.0

Available 2/2/24

Updated over a week ago


This release includes high priority defect fixes.

Fixes & Updates:

ETOC-10882 - TouchPoints: Fix for Elements not Appearing on Print page

Previously, some users experienced that certain TouchPoint Elements were visible in TouchPoint view but not visible in the print preview when selecting to print the TouchPoint. This applied to certain Elements attached to conditional rules. Now, the print preview will show all Elements as expected for that TouchPoint.

ETOC-11701 - ETO HMIS Data Validations: Fix for Refresh Option not Appearing

Previously, the refresh button was not visible under the "Date Completed" column on the Manage Data Validations page until a new Data Validation was run. Now, the refresh button will always be visible and usable under the "Date Completed" column on the Manage Data Validations page.

ETOC-11833 - ETO HMIS: R11, R12, R13 Combined Rule Fix

Previously, R11, R12, and R13 questions did not show in the HUD Assessment due to incorrect condition checking for Project Type, and the R11, R12, R13 Combined Rule could not be edited to correct it. Now these questions will show, and you will be able to edit this rule as needed. Condition is also now set to "Project Type not equal to Emergency Shelter - Night by Night".

ETOC-11838 - Fix for Reset Password Error on Change My Password & Security Questions page

Previously, when saving a new password during a Password Reset, some users received an error message saying "Your New Password must be between 6 to 10 characters in length" no matter the organization’s password settings. Now, you can reset your password on the Change My Password & Security Questions page and it will respect the settings of your ETO Enterprise.

ETOC-11857 - Fix for Required Start/End Dates not enforced for Collection TouchPoints

Previously, when saving a Collection TouchPoint response for a form that has a required Start/End Element, the required check for this Element was ignored and a user could save the response without a value. Now, when saving a TouchPoint response for a Collection, required Start/End Dates will be enforced as expected.

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