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HMIS: Running a Data Validation Report
HMIS: Running a Data Validation Report

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Validation Reports are an important aspect of ensuring data quality within your HMIS organization. To run a Data Validation report, follow these steps.

Important Note: Data Validations should be run for only 1 year at a time. A larger data-set will take longer and may result in time-out errors.


Due to the possibility of having multiple errors per participant due to demographics and touchpoint data entry validations, any given data validation for periods longer than one year is not guaranteed to complete processing. A validation may run in one program for a period longer than one year, but it is not guaranteed to work for another program that can potentially have more data to validate or a larger volume of errors.
​Also, please have in mind that if a validation for a program previously completed for a period larger than one year, as more participants are added, it is not guaranteed to be able to complete validation for the same larger time period.

  1. Go to Reports > Manage HMIS Data Validations

2. Click on 'Run Validation'

3. Select the scope of the validation report:

  • This Program: will run validation for the program you are currently in

  • This Site: will run validation for the entire site that you are currently in

  • A program group: will run validation for a selected program group within the site

4. Enter the dates you want the validation to run for.

  • For example, entering 1/1/20 - 12/31/20 will bring in all participants with an enrollment within that time frame.

5. Click 'Submit'

  • At this point, the report will begin processing.

6. Once the report is complete, click 'Open' under the 'Take Action' column.

7. From here, you can view any errors relating to HMIS data entry, touchpoint records, and warnings.

  • Data Entry errors include missing HUD specific demographics/demographic quality, and missing or incomplete family enrollments. All HMIS participants MUST be enrolled in a family.

  • Bed Stay errors

  • Project Descriptor Element

  • Touchpoint errors include missing HUD Entry/Exit/Annual assessments.

  • All HMIS participants need an Entry Assessment for every project enrollment, and Exit Assessment for every project Exit, and an Annual Assessment within +/- 30 days of their Project Start date anniversary.

  • HUD Entry assessment 'date taken' must match the participant's Project Start date.

  • HUD Exit assessment 'date taken' must match the participant's Project Exit date.

  • HUD Annual assessment 'date taken' must be within +/- 30 days of participant's Project Start date anniversary.

  • Warning errors are not really errors. This section just serves as a place to see where possible issues might arise when running a HUD report, based on the quality of your data.

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