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This article provides a workflow guide for different situations you might encounter within ETO when working with HMIS Projects.

Please Contact ETO Support if you have any additional questions.

New HMIS Project within ETO

  • Contact ETO Support to have the necessary HMIS TouchPoints enabled

  • Set security settings for all required HMIS TouchPoints

  • Ensure "Enforce HMIS Validation Rules for TouchPoints and Enrollment" is enabled from within Site Administration > Manage My Site (NEW) and then inside the Miscellaneous tab.

Entering Project Related Data

  • Take the Project Descriptor Data Elements TouchPoint, ensuring that all necessary questions are answered correctly. Please note that some data points, such as the geocode, may have an effect on some reports, like the LSA.

    • If you are unsure about what selection to pick for Funding Source, please reach out to your Funder/CoC for additional guidance on this selection.

Entering Participant Data

  • New Participants

    • After the Participant is added to ETO, the "Project Start" HUD Assessment for the Participant must be taken. Please ensure that the "Date Taken" for the HUD Assessment matches the enrollment date for the Participant.

    • Once the HUD Assessment has been taken, any additional HMIS related TouchPoints can be taken, such as the Coordinated Entry TouchPoints.


  • Participants that have been enrolled for 1 year or longer

    • The "Project Annual Assessment" HUD Assessment must be taken within +/-30 days of their enrollment anniversary.

  • Households with multiple Participants

    • We recommend starting with the Head of Household to keep a better control of the relationship to Head of Household questions within the HUD Assessment.


  • Exiting Participants

    • The "Project Exit" HUD Assessment must be taken, and the date taken for this must match the date of dismissal for the Participant.

  • Participants with Parallel Enrollments in Multiple HMIS Projects

    • Please ensure to keep a strict control of the HUD Assessments being taken for the Participant in their respective projects, as each project needs its own individual set of HUD Assessments for the Participant's enrollment.

Project Management

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