The following TouchPoints are typically used within HMIS:

  • Project Descriptor Data Elements: used to gather the information that represents the Project within ETO.

  • Bed and Unit Inventory Information: used to gather the information related to the bed and units that are available at a shelter

  • HUD Assessment: used to gather the information related to participants

Aside from the above TouchPoints, there are also the following specialized TouchPoints:

  • Coordinated Entry Event

  • Coordinated Entry Assessment

  • Aftercare Plans (RHY)

  • Financial Assistance Provided (HOPWA or SSVF)

  • Outreach and Services Contact

  • Outreach and Services Engagement

  • Referrals Provided (PATH)

  • Services Provided (HOPWA, PATH, RHY, or SSVF)

  • Veteran Information (SSVF)

Please contact support if your organization requires any additional HMIS TouchPoints to be enabled, or if a new HMIS program was made that needs these TouchPoints.

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